Music Drawings (Rock and Blues)

Pen and watercolor drawings of Blues and Rock musicians/bands

Lisbon Ruins Series

Series of pen and watercolor drawings depicting ruins in Lisbon

Light And Shade Book

Pen and ink drawings for an illustrated book of poetry

Portraits (Commissions)

Pen and watercolor portraits commissioned and drawn from life

Drawn Collections

Collections of objects drawn with pen and watercolor

SketchBook Drawings

Selected drawings from sketchbooks I’ve kept over the years

Mariana Santos (Mazza Illustrations) is an artist and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal who works in pen and watercolors. She’s passionate about traditional mediums and drawing all kinds of objects, city scenes and people, be them musicians, actors, ordinary people or even invented characters!

She’s worked for various magazines, private commissions, a children’s book and most recently a book of illustrated poetry.

For commission inquires and commercial work feel free to contact me at

Phone Number

+351 961 531 968




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